Do You Think Your Old Car Is Worth $9999

Old and damaged cars and other vehicles are always a headache to vehicle owners. From being an eyesore to creating parking space issues in your garage or parking lot, old unwanted vehicles create a lot of problems. It is also creating a hazardous situation to the environment as the oil and other fluids will drip to earth and create damage to our nature and the environment.

What if we say you can get cash offers as high as $9999 for your old unwanted vehicles.

We are Premier Car Removals, one of the leading Cash for Car companies in Brisbane.

We have a dedicated team of appraisers who are the best in the industry. They are capable of finding the best value for all types of vehicles.

How we pay top dollar for your old and unwanted vehicles

We Premier Car Removals is the leading scrap metal recycling enterprise in Australia. We are specialised in Car Removal, metals including ferrous and non-ferrous and heavy metals recycling.

We buy vehicles for their parts and for metals. Your vehicle could be old and damaged, it could be met with an accident or unfit for the road, not to worry, we will buy that vehicle paying top offers for it.

As a prominent Car Removal Company in Brisbane, we are used to buying old and damaged vehicles. Our team dismantles each vehicle, salvaging parts that can be reused.

The metal of these vehicles is scrapped and sold to other companies as scrap metal. We make the business profitable to all, including you – the vehicle owner.

You can get offers as high as $9999 with just a phone call.

So call us now at 0401 960 698 and get offers that are of top Notch.

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