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Posted On: April 13th, 2015

Too many vehicle owners think that because their vehicle is scrap, it has no value. Some, don’t know what to do with their old, unwanted scrap vehicle and it continues to sit in the yard getting even scrappier. Scrap cars are difficult to get rid of. Not only is it difficult to find a buyer should you decide to sale the vehicle; but, if you go the opposite direction and decide to take the vehicle to the wrecking yard, you may find that you have a difficult time getting a wrecking yard to accept your make and model. There’s also the prepping that must be done.

Cash for Cars Brisbane

Most wrecking yards require that the vehicle owner drain the fluids and flatten the tires before they bring it in to be disposed of. The process is one that is tiring, especially if the vehicle owner doesn’t have a towing vehicle to haul their scrap car to the wrecking yard. With Premier Cash for Cars Brisbane, scrap car owners don’t have to worry about finding a buyer or the wrecking yard accepting their vehicle. We accept all makes and models and offer free vehicle removal that pay up to $7,000 instant cash. Ready to hear a little more?

Accident Vehicles

Being in a car accident is a nightmare in itself, especially if you, or someone else was hurt in the accident. When your car is damaged in the accident, there is a lot to deal with. You no longer have transportation. Suddenly, you are faced with an accident vehicle sitting in your yard, the possibility of having to get a new vehicle and maybe even injury. If the accident was your fault, the stress and anguish is compounded.

Should you find out from your mechanic that the vehicle is going to cost more to fix and repair than it would be to replace, you have to determine the best option for getting rid of your vehicle. Leaving the car to sit around your home is likely out of the question in its wrecked condition. When faced with buying a new car and possible medical bills, you likely don’t want to have to fork out any more cash to have the vehicle towed to the wrecking yard, little alone the work.

Vehicle owners that find themselves in this position do have an option. Car Removal Companies like Premier Cash for Cars Brisbane offer free car removals services to all suburbs of Brisbane. We are a car removal company that removes much more than just cars. We offer free vehicle removals on any motor vehicle, running or not. We also pick up scrap metal. The process is one that is a no hassle means to get rid of your scrap car. We pay cash for scrap cars.

Scrap Cars

You had great intentions, plans of turning that scrap vehicle that was not much more than a shell into a beautiful classic, but they failed. Now, for years it’s been sitting in your driveway. You keep thinking of the some day that you were going to find the time to fix and repair the vehicle, transforming it to one of the hottest things on the road. You realise that you aren’t likely to ever get around to fixing the vehicle, and if you do, you likely won’t be able to afford all the parts and repairs. What’s the solution? Again, a car removal company is a great solution when you have a scrap car you’d like to get some cash for.

Car Removal Companies like Premier Cash for Cars Brisbane offer free scrap car removals and put up to $7,000 cash in your pocket. We offer vehicle owners of every type of vehicle, of any age, and any condition this deal and the vehicle removal is always free. With companies like ours, the car removal is also eco-friendly as we recycle, reuse and resell all the parts and metal of the vehicle so that no part of the vehicle goes into a landfill.

Call Premier Cash for Cars Brisbane and put CASH in Your Pocket

When you have an accident vehicle or a scrap vehicle that you don’t want to hassle with selling, there’s no reason not to call the experts- Premier Cash for Cars Brisbane. We service all suburbs of Brisbane with quality car removals that always put Instant Cash in your pockets. Our cash for cars system is one that is fast and friendly- you simply give us a call with a few details about your vehicle. Once we get the information we need, we’ll give you a cash offer on your vehicle. You simply accept or reject. We offer same day scrap car removals, so just give us a call or complete our “Instant Cash Offer” form located on this page.

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