Get $9999 For Your Old Or Damaged Vehicles

How much do you think your old or damaged vehicle will fetch in the market?

There is no big demand for old vehicles. The older it is, the lesser will be its value. Moreover, if those vehicles are damaged, it will be difficult to get them sold. Or it should be a vintage model in pristine condition, then it will be in high demand and will be worth a lot.

But in the usual case, a vehicle owner will face various difficulties in getting it sold or disposed of.

Before selling the vehicle, a vehicle owner should get their vehicle appraised, make repairs to make it more appealing to buyers, get the contracts/documents ready in time for sale, and last but not least find a towing company to get your vehicle removed from your property.

But what if you can avoid all these hassles and sell your car in less than a day?

That’s where Cash for Car companies can be of assistance.

We are Premier Car Removals, one of the leading Cash for Car companies in Brisbane.

If you have an old vehicle, contact us for a hassle-free sale.

Let it be an old battered car or a junk 16-wheeler truck, we make sure you are offered the best cash offers for it.

We at Premier Car Removals always aim at offering the best market value for every vehicle. You can get up to $9999 for your vehicles.

How we are able to give such high cash offers for vehicles

Premier Car Removals is an LMTC license holder operating in Brisbane for more than 15 years. We are a professional Scrap Car Removal serving Brisbane, the Gold Coast, beautiful Ipswich & West Moreton, picturesque Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Bayside, Redcliffe/Bribie/Caboolture, Brisbane City & North, Redlands City, Inner South, Southside, Logan, Brisbane West, Brisbane Central, Brisbane South, Mount Isa & North West.

We buy vehicles for their parts and metal. 

Every vehicle however old and damaged it might be will still have useful parts that can be reused 

When we buy a vehicle, we dismantle it and salvage all the parts that can be reused/resold. Our team of Car Wreckers is the best when it comes to finding these useful parts. These parts are then refurbished and sold directly to the vehicle owners who need these parts to fix their vehicles or to dealers who deal in used car parts.

The tonnes of metal is another source of income for us. We disassemble and decommission these vehicles, and the useful parts are sold for use in other vehicles, while the scrap metal pieces are sold to metal-recycling organisations.

We make the sale process easy and profitable for all those involved with it.

We ensure that our customers receive the speedy and professional service that they deserve at Premium Car Removals & Cash for Car in Brisbane. Our team members are professionals, trustworthy, and dependable, which places us at the top of Brisbane's vehicle wreckers.

Give us a call today to learn more about what makes us the most trustworthy and reputable Car Removal in Brisbane. You can also deliver it to us and receive immediate payment.

For a hassle-free car sale, call us on 0401 960 698 or contact us online at

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