How to Get Your Scrap Car Removed in Brisbane for FREE!


It is a common perception that car removal costs money. However, this is not true. Pay zero for the removal of your vehicle in Brisbane. That’s right.

If you use a Car Removal service company, you won’t pay a cent to how it towed away. In fact, you can make a quick buck from it. The companies offer Free Car Removal in Brisbane as they will use the materials and parts of your car to make a profit. This is how they make their money so the seller doesn’t have to pay for anything. Tow away your unwanted car today with “Premier Car Removals” for absolutely free!

Get Rid Of Your Car Today!

Do you want to get rid of your old car? Do you want to earn some instant cash? If yes, then ‘Premier Metals’ is the answer. We will not only buy your car but also will remove it for FREE! Yes, you read that right. No charges for towing off your vehicle.

Based in Brisbane, our aim is to provide the best deal to our customers. We specialise in car removal service that includes: scrap car, old car and used car removal. Regardless of the type of vehicle or the model, instant cash can be generated of up to $9999.

How do we work?

  • Call us at 07 3266 8858 and speak to our representative.
  • You will be asked a few questions about your car based on which a quote will be given to you. If both the sides agree, we will ask you about your address and the time to visit.
  • Premier Car Removals will then send a professional removalist to your house to inspect the car.
  • You will just need to fill a form and get cash in return of your vehicle.
  • The company will tow your car for free.

By the end of the day, you will have Cash for Your Car and your car finally gone. You just follow these easy steps and save yourself from the hassle of finding a buyer for the vehicle and paying for the towing charges. We do everything for you!

When we talk about the local market of Brisbane, you would see many companies providing service of removing your car for cash. The perfect way to choose a removal company should be based on the value added services that it provides along with the expertise it specialises in.

The two of these added services are instant, non-obligatory free quotes on your vehicle and free towing, which means the seller does not have to bear the expense of towing. We “Premier Car Removals” provide both the services to our customer, making the overall process easy and less time-consuming.

The removal itself is quick and easy. Even though the company is providing a free service, it will ensure that the vehicle gets removed on the same day. “Premier Car Removals” works around the clock for the convenience of its customers.

Call us at 07 3266 8858 and get rid of your old and junk vehicle in Brisbane ASAP!

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