Do You Have An Unwanted Or Old Car In Front Of Your House Or Backyard

Why miss out on the chance to get solid cash for your unwanted car?

We are Premier Car Removals, The top paying Cash for Cars in Brisbane

We offer you top cash offers as high as $9999 for your old unwanted cars. Just get in touch with us and avail of the best rates and best services.

All you have to do is provide us with your vehicle details. You can ring us up at 0401 960 698 or mail us your vehicle details to You can even get an instant quote by filling the online forms of the “Instant Quote” option. This option is given in several of our web pages including the Company Page.

How the sale of your unwanted car works

When you are dealing with Premier Car Removals, you can get your old car sold in 6 easy steps. We don’t complicate or create an unwanted delay in the purchase and payments of old and unwanted vehicles. All you have to do is

  • Call us or Enquire Online
  • Tell us about your car or Material details we’ll give you an instant offer
  • We’ll pick it up for free
  • Once you get an offer, we’ll schedule a convenient pick-up time
  • Get Paid on the Spot
  • Get paid cash on the spot, Also we can arrange cheque/Electronic Pay


How do we pay the best offers for old and unwanted vehicles?

We are one of Australia’s leading scrap metal recycling and an enterprise that provides continuously expanding services in the recycling industry. We have more than 15 years of experience in this industry.

From these experiences, we gained the knowledge of finding out the best price of vehicles. We buy vehicles for their parts and metal. Each vehicle, however old and damaged it may be, will have parts that can be salvaged and reused.

When we buy a vehicle, we take it apart and salvage all the parts that can be saved. These parts are sold directly to vehicle owners and to second-hand car parts dealers. Even parts that are slightly damaged can be repaired and reused. The metal of the vehicles are built is another source of solid money. We pay top cash for unwanted, damaged, accident, late model new and used cars because we know how to get the best value for these metal and salvaged parts.

We add the value of these parts and metal to the quote of your vehicle, and this is how we offer you the best quotes in the industry.

You can be sure that our offers are true, transparent and instant.

We even offer our clients Free Car Removals in Brisbane, to make the sale process instant and hassle-free.

Premier Car Removals – The professional Scrap Car Recyclers & vehicle removal company in Brisbane.

To know more, visit our website or call us at 0401 960 698.

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