Should you Fix your Car or Get a New One By Selling your Old Car to a Cash for Car Company?

The truth is - it depends on what it's going to cost you to repair your old car and how long these repairs are going to last. As a rule of thumb, if your car’s repairs are going to last you less than a year, and your car’s value is $5000 or less, you may as well sell your car to a cash for a car dealer.

The benefits of a Scrap Metal Dealer?

  1. They will give you cash for your car no matter what its age or condition 
  2.  The cash will be paid instantly - the moment the Final Vehicle Inspection is complete  
  3.  They will value your Vehicle for FREE - over the phone itself You can use the cash you receive from the sale of your old car to fund the purchase of a new vehicle which will give you trouble-free service for a much longer period of time.

Got a car you’d like to get instant cash for?

Cash for a car dealer is who you need to speak to. There are many Car Dealers as they are often called, in Brisbane. To find one, simply Google ‘Cash for Car dealers, Brisbane’. You will receive a long list of dealers you can opt to sell your car.

What cash for car dealers do with your old car?

Cash for car dealers will take your old car - and strip it for parts. Those auto parts that are working, they will sell in the second-hand automotive parts market for a small profit. The car parts that are not working, they will recondition - also onselling for a small profit. They will then strip the metal body of its paint (which is toxic) and dispose of it in ways that are ecologically friendly.

You can get up to $6999 for a used car or an unwanted car

To receive this price, your car must be in good working condition, of course. How much can you receive for your old car? There is really only one way to find out. And that is to call your local dealer and ask them to give you a quote for your car over the phone.

What if your car has been damaged in an accident, lacks rego or is no longer usable?

No problem, a cash for car dealer will still be happy to buy it from you. What if your vehicle is so badly damaged, it no longer possesses any commercial value? In this case, your Cash for Car Dealer will remove your car at no cost to you. It can cost you around $75 to get a Towing Service to tow a car to a wrecker or car scrapyard. To avoid this cost, cash for a car dealer is a good option. They will give you a small amount of cash for your car - even if no one else will.

Premier Car Removal Brisbane is known for the service it provides its clients with

A polite and courteous ‘army of staff’ will arrange to estimate and collect your vehicle at a time that suits you. You don’t have to drive your car to us, we will drive to you to do your vehicle’s final inspection - following which we will pay your cash and drive it away after you’ve signed the necessary vehicle Transfer Forms. The leading used car and Scrap Car Dealer in Brisbane, Premier Car Removals has bought or removed over 700 cars in the last few months, alone. To arrange a FREE Quote for your used car, please call Premier Car Removals, Brisbane now on 0401 960 698

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