Should You Repair Your Car Before Selling It

You are in Brisbane and you want to sell your old vehicle. How do you plan to sell it?

Selling of vehicles is really difficult, especially during this Covid 19 pandemic when you can’t roam around looking for car buyers. You are not even sure how much your vehicle is worth or if someone will buy it. You are wondering if you should go to some Cash for Car Company in Brisbane to sell your vehicle. You are not even sure if you need to do minor repairs to your vehicle to make it more attractive to the buyers.

The answer is no, you don’t have to do any repairs to your vehicle if you are planning to sell it to Premier Car Removals in Brisbane

How much is your vehicle worth

Instant Cash Up To $9999. Yes. That’s how much your old vehicle is worth to us.

Your vehicle could be in any condition. It could even be ready to be scrapped or recycled. But you still have a chance to get up to $9999 for your vehicle.

Who Pays $9999 for your vehicle?

Premier Car Removals – The leading Scrap Car Removal in Brisbane is offering to buy any vehicle regardless of its make, or it's model. It could be of any brand or in any condition. You still can get top dollar for it.

Yes, we pay an instant cash amount of $ 9999 for your old vehicle.

What are the documents needed to sell your car?

If you are planning to sell your vehicle to us - Premier Car Removals, you don’t need many documents. It’s fairly easy to sell your vehicle to us.

All you need to do is

  • Provide us with a Proof of Photo ID Or a Primary ID (License or Passport is enough)
  • Provide us with a Proof of Vehicle Ownership
  • Provide us with a Clear Access for Towing
  • Remove the Number Plate from your vehicle (Info visit Department of Transport & Main Roads)


Top Dollar for your vehicle regardless of its present condition

We buy vehicles - That’s putting it mildly. We buy all and any vehicles of any condition. You can sell 

  • Vehicles that are damaged
  • Vehicles met with an accident
  • Vehicles that are beyond repair
  • Vehicles those are unfit for road or not able to drive
  • Vehicles those are no longer in production
  • Vehicles that are banned from using

to us and we still buy it and pay top dollar for it.


What Premier Car Removals buy

We at Premier Car Removals buy vehicles, parts of vehicles or even metal and non-metal parts of vehicles.

Some of the main items we purchase are

  • Old cars, vans, trucks, and utes
  • Unwanted cars, vans, trucks, and utes
  • Damaged cars, vans, trucks, and utes
  • Used Scrap Metals
  • Copper
  • Copper Wire
  • Aluminium including wheels and rims
  • Car Bodies
  • Heavy Steel
  • Tin
  • Zinc

We even buy non-metal parts like batteries of vehicles.

How to contact us

Contact us is very simple. All you have to do is pick your phone and give a ring to 0401960698. Our crew is always there to take your call and to assist you in selling your vehicle.

Contact us 0401960698

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