Top Car Safety Features You Should Consider Checking Out In Brisbane


There are more safety features in today’s vehicles than anti-lock brake systems and airbags. Some are luxuries, but all are designed to keep vehicles and their occupants safer.

Premier Car Removals Offers The Following Guide On Safety Features.

  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Adaptive Crusie Control
  • Adaptive Headlights
  • Collision Warning Systems
  • Park Assist
  • Cameras
  • Drowsiness Alert
Car Safety Features

Lane Keep Assist

Lane assist is designed to monitor whether the vehicle is staying in their driving lane. Should the driver start to drift out of the lane, it will alert the driver with a beep or vibration or will auto correct, guiding the vehicle back into the land. The usefulness rating is 6/10. This safety feature is ideal for drivers that drive on highways and roads with unclear painted lines just as those that tend to get sleepy behind the wheel.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control slows down targeted wheels while the vehicle turns. With this safety feature, the car it helps to control taking a turn too wide or narrow. Its usefulness rating is 4/10.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control monitors the driving speed of the cars in front of the vehicle’s and keeps a safe distance from the vehicles. Its usefulness rating is 9/10, and it is a safety feature that is handy as drivers do not need to monitor the vehicles in front of them continually, slowing their speed as the car automatically maintains a safe pace with the adaptive cruise control feature.

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights are a headlight setting that automatically turns headlights on when lighting conditions dim or weather elements lower visibility. The usefulness rating of the adaptive headlight is 7/10. This is a safety feature that is nice; however, not one that is necessary.

Collision Warning System / Blind Spot Detection

Collision warning system and blind spot detection are two different safety features but basically, do the same thing. The vehicle will warn the driver if they are going to crash, or if there is something in the driver’s blind spot. Its usefulness rating is 9/10, and they are safety features worth the upgrade.

Park Assist

Park assist helps drivers to parallel park their vehicle. Its usefulness rating 6/10 and it is a safety feature that comes in handy.


Front cameras are designed to show drivers how close the front bumper of their vehicle is to what’s in front of the car. Back up cameras are designed to show the driver how close their rear bumper is to what’s behind the vehicle. Its usefulness rating is 9/10 and is a feature that can help to avoid collisions.

Drowsiness Alert

The drowsiness alert alerts drivers that get drowsy behind the wheel, letting them know it is time to pull over. Its usefulness rating is 5/10, and it is a safety feature that is needed for any driver that gets drowsy behind the wheel.

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