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Premier Car wreckers will buy all makes and models for wrecking. The most popular cars are Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Isuzu, Suzuki, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, BMW And Benz although we buy all make the mentioned brands are popular and we may extra cash for those cars

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When you call us or enquire online we don’t keep you waiting we will give our honest price for the car based on the details you provide. Once confirmed we can come to your place, tow the car for free and pay on the spot Cash For Car.

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Our Wrecking Yard

So what it is. You can drop your car at our yard. A wrecking yard, scrapyard or junkyard is the location of a business in dismantling where wrecked or decommissioned vehicles are brought, their usable parts are sold for use in operating vehicles, while the unusable metal parts, known as scrap metal parts, are sold to metal-recycling companies. Many salvage yards operate on a local level when an automobile is severely damaged, has malfunctioned beyond repair, or not worth the repair, the owner may sell it to a junkyard; in some cases as when the car has become disabled in a place where derelict cars are not allowed to be left the car owner will pay the wrecker to haul the car away. In other words the metal or parts is Recycled.

At Premium Car Removal & Cars for Cash Brisbane, we ensure that we provide our customers with efficient and professional service that they deserve.

Our team members are professionals, trustworthy and reliable which ranks us top of the car wreckers of Brisbane.

Find out what makes us the most trustworthy and reliable Car Removal in Brisbane by giving us a call today or You can also bring it directly to us and receive immediate payment.

Call Premier Car Removals on 0401 960 698 or Contact us Online for CAR WRECKERS service in Brisbane, Gold Coast And Sunshine Coast.

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