Get Top Cash For Old Buses Brisbane Any Make Or Model Cash On The SPOT!

Get Your Bus Collected with Our Free Bus Removal Service

Do you own an old clunker of a bus that seems destined for the rubbish tip? Well, we’re here to change that! We’ll gladly collect your bus with our Free Old Bus Removal as well as provide you with an Instant Cash for Old Buse's payment up to $9,999, regardless of its condition. We’re available in the hour or whenever you need us to turn your Old Bus problem into an Instant Cash solution. For a family-owned Vehicle Removal business that locals trust, you can do no better than Premier Car Removals Brisbane.

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Expect a Competitive Cash for Old Buses Offer (We Accept All Brands!)

We don’t have any preferences for bus brands, so you can expect an accurate and honest Cash for Old Buses sum from us no matter what. We’re constantly purchasing vehicles from a variety of makes and models including:

·         Hino

·         Isuzu

·         Mercedes-Benz

·         Fuso

·         BCI

·         Iveco

·         Scania

·         Volvo

·         Hyundai

·         Volkswagen

·         Toyota

·         And more

We Pay Cash For Unwanted Or Scrap Buses Same Day Pick Up Brisbane Wide

We provide Free Old Bus Removals with every vehicle we purchase. With the industry’s finest Vehicle Removal Experts stationed Brisbane wide, you can expect us to be with you at the drop of a hat or whenever suits you best. Our fully licensed experts use state-of-the-art tow trucks and can handle vehicles of all conditions, sizes and locations with ease – and that includes your Old Bus!

We collect vehicles from a variety of locations including:

·         On-Road Pickup

·         Off-Road Pickup

·         Pickup from Residential Premises

·         Pickup from Commercial Premises

·         Pickup from Industrial Premises

·         And More

Still In the ‘Looking for Quotes’ Stage? We Provide Instant Cash for Buses Quotes Over the Phone

Trying to look for potential buyers can be a grind, so we thought we’d make it easy for you! You can get Instant Cash for Vehicles quotes from us over the phone or online in minutes. Simply call us and give us some details about your Old Bus which we’ll base our quote on.

We might ask about:

·         Your Vehicle’s Condition

·         Your Vehicle’s Age/Year of Manufacture

·         The Odometer Reading (kms)

·         Your Vehicle’s Size

·         Your Vehicle’s Weight

·         Your Vehicle’s Make & Model

·         Your Vehicle’s License Number

·         And More

Why We’re Brisbane's Green Old Bus Removal Service

Hundreds of thousands of Australian vehicles are taken off the road each year, with a large percentage ending up in the landfill or rubbish tip. This is not only terrible for the environment, but it’s also a missed opportunity to dispose of your bus with eco-friendly Car Wreckers like Premier Car Removals.

Our zero-waste Bus Recycling service puts your bus to good use by breaking it down and recycling and reusing its auto parts which in turn help with sustainable vehicle production and repairs for other vehicles. Why spend an arm and a leg to have your vehicle left at the landfill when you can have it collected for free and get paid top dollar instead?

How to Sell Your Bus for Cash with Free Collection Today

First, call us to get your Instant Quote and to book your Free Bus Removal with us. Next, our team will arrive at your old bus’s location to pay you Instant Cash on the spot. Lastly, within half an hour, your old bus will be towed, leaving you with more space and an exceptional Cash for Buses payment.

From Old Buses to Accident Buses – We Provide Instant Cash for Buses in Any Condition

We’re not kidding when we say we come with the guarantee to buy your vehicle under any condition.

This include:

·         Old Buses

·         Wrecked Buses

·         Unwanted Buses

·         Damaged Buses

·         Scrap Buses

·         Junk Buses

·         Accident Buses

·         Faulty Buses

·         Broken Buses

·         Weather Damaged Buses

·         Used Buses

·         And Many More

What to Bring to Your Cash for Old Buses Service?

We’ll handle all the boring bits such as preparing all the necessary paperwork and documents. All you have to do is remove your vehicle’s license plates and bring proof of identity and ownership. Simple as that!

Why We Pay Top Dollar for Buses in Even the Worst Conditions

Simple: even a bus that is no longer working has many valuable auto parts and materials (especially their metals).

These include:

·         Tyres & Rims

·         Engine parts

·         Motor

·         Battery

·         Doors

·         Windows

·         Exhaust

·         Air Condition/Cooling System

·         Stereo

·         Bumpers

·         Fenders

·         Interior Parts

·         Rear End Parts

·         Windscreen Wipers

·         And Many More

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